Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping Cart Problems

Just a short little note to let you all know that I am aware of the current issue with the shopping cart. For some reason, it is suddenly logging off every time you navigate to a different page.

I'm working on it, but this may take me some time. Please do not be alarmed if you are temporarily unable to access Lights & Scents, or if weird things happen as you look around. This is just me playing with the code. Please feel free to e-mail me or call toll free at 866-488-0693 with any ordering needs or questions.

I deeply apologize for this inconvience and assure you I am doing everything in my power to get it fixed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Is Upon Us

It is currently 79 degrees and sunny outside my window. Be that as it may, it is still the first day of fall. I've noticed many a pumpkin and gourd at the farmer's market and in the stores. Colorful fake leaf arrangements, corn stalk bunches, hay bales and mums are strewn all over town boding of cool weather, apples fresh from the orchard, apple cider simmering on the stove with cinnamon sticks and cloves, football and the last bonfires of the season. Also telling me that I'd better get my butt in gear!

As a merchant, I am well aware that I need to plan for seasons before they arrive. It's simply something I am not at all good at. I'm very much a "live in the moment" kinda gal. I'm also an infamous procrastinator. Those two traits don't work so well in a seasonal business such as candles. I've struggled with this issue now for 12 long years. You'd think I'd learn, wouldn't ya?

Obviously, I haven't. It's now the end of September and I've suddenly realized fall is knocking insistently at the front door and I have nothing to offer the hungry throngs. Um, OK, you're all supposed to be hungering for candles upon candles to fill your homes with warmth and light during those long cold fall and winter months. (Ignore the 79 degree sunshine, please!) So, I now have a belated plan. I made the decision over the summer to start offering stock candles along with my traditional custom creations. My "plan" at the time was to build up stock and have it all added to the web site by the time school started. See how well that plan worked for me??? I have a few items made and listed on my alternate sites at and It is so very much not enough and not what I had planned all those many warm months ago. Ah, well. This "live in the moment" gal can cope with that and make the best of the situation.

Here now are my promises to you. Hold me accountable, please!
  1. Before the end of the week, add to my web site the candles that I have prepared. INCLUDING the five new scents that have been sitting on my work bench for two weeks without pictures taken or listings created. UGH!
  2. Before the end of next week, create fall inspired votive candles, take pictures AND post them on all my web sites.
  3. I will then clean up the storage shelves in the work room and move items to a clearance sale page that will be available by Oct. 1st. I really must get rid of all that clutter and make room for new products.

Ooops! I think I just let something slip ;D Hmmmmmmm, whatsoever could I have up my sleeve???????

Now it's your turn to show me a little love, to motivate me to list these awesome candles, to FORCE me to feed your hunger for warmth and good smells for those cold winter months:

BLOG SPECIAL: Place an order on my web site or by phone, mention that you read my blog, and you get FREE
ground SHIPPING. Offer expires Oct. 31, 2008

Follow your own little light, be happy and buy candles :D

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Going To Be A Good Day

You know how you can tell, immediately upon waking, that the day will be a good one? Today is definitely one of those days. After two days of 90* humid weather, I awoke this morning to cool (almost cold!) breezes. The bugs were still chirping and singing, birds were starting their day and the soft glow of a golden sunrise was coming through the window. But that's not the most important part. What REALLY told me that today would be good was the smell of coffee brewing! WOO HOO!! I actually remembered to set the coffee maker last night. Ahhhhhh

It's the first full day of school for us, and everyone actually got up on time. There were no fights for the bathroom or curling iron. No lost make-up and only one minor tantrum over an unwashed shirt that we were supposed to "just know" she wanted to wear today. Life with two teenage girls and one point five baths can be quite challenging, but this morning was bliss. And cooooffffeeee

I remembered to start the wax melter this morning, too. I am batting 1000! And I actually have candles to make! You have no idea how exciting that is after the absolutely D E A D summer I've had. I actually have a queue!! That has been unheard of these last couple months. And I'm not the only one. Pretty much everyone that I've talked to, in all types of industries, has had a very slow summer. Hopefully this increase in business will keep up for fall and winter. Oh yea, and there was coffee!

Did I mention my kids are back in school. Aahhhh, blissful. There is absolutely no sound of "What Not To Wear" or "Spongebob" coming from any room of my house. Our over-hyper one year old puppy is exhausted after a long weekend in the kennel, so he's sleeping under my bed. I've got one stereo on. Count them . . . one! Although my kids and I like the same radio station, I've usually got competing iPods going . . . along with the over-hyper pup, What Not To Wear and Spongebob. BTW, I'd like to take a moment to thank Mike and Amy for sending a new and highly annoying squeaky toy for Rascal.

I'm starting to digress. Let's get back on track. More good day tidings. I actually remembered to start a crock pot dinner for the kids tonight that smells wonderful. Added bonus!: Sweet Home Alabama came on the radio as I was making said dinner. (I'm a southern girl at heart) PLUS, it's Russ and my anniversary today so I get to go out for a very nice dinner. Looking forward to some fresh seafood, nice wine and an absolutely evil dessert. YUM

All in all, it's going to be a good day. Now, where is my coffee cup . . . .